Wooden post box
Wooden post box

Wooden post box

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There's something about delivering, and receiving mail that excites both kids and adults alike. Snail-mail really isn't a thing anymore, but it's such a great way to teach the concept of communication.

Encourage them to write notes too, and drop it off in the mailbox. Or write little notes to your little one, and watch their eyes light up when they discover something waiting for them. In fact, this is a perfect opportunity to remind them of how special they are, and how much you love them.


  • 1x post-box with opening door and carry handle
  • 5 x colourful chalks in 1 pack
  • 1 x postcard
  • 1 x letter
  • 1 x gift parcel

Dimensions: 24.8cm x 19.3cm x 14.6cm