Wooden picnic set
Wooden picnic set

Wooden picnic set

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"Going on a picnic, leaving right away
If it doesn't rain, we'll stay all day.
Did you bring the sandwiches?
Yes I've brought the sandwiches."


  • 1x slice of ham
  • 1x piece of lettuce
  • 1x slice of tomato
  • 1x slice of cheese
  • 2x bread slices
  • 1x cutting baguette
  • 2x orange wedges
  • 2x kiwi slices
  • 2x strawberries
  • 1x pineapple slice
  • 1x orange juice
  • 2x mini cakes
  • 1x gingham picnic rug
  • 1x thermos
  • 2x cups
  • 2x plates
  • 2x knives
  • 2x spoons
  • 2x forks
  • 1x paper box
  • 1x poly-rattan basket